Go Catch ’Em All at the New Pokemon Gym!

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  • Surely everyone knows about Pokemon, the monster training game. Did you know that Pokemon is actually the second most successful franchise in the world? It’s not really a surprise as the games have been released for many years now. But this year something exciting has happened. They are opening a real Pokemon gym!

    The History of Pokemon

    Pokemon was first released in 1995, making this year its 20th anniversary. The first release was on the Game Boy and involved you travelling around a country catching and training creatures to battle. Through your training, you would visit gyms and test yourself against the best of the best. The aim was not only to battle but to catch them all! Since the first game was released a lot has happened in the world of Pokemon. An animated television show was released and screened worldwide.

    There is still a Pokemon series being made; Pocket Monsters: XY. The first of the Pokemon films was released in 1998, just three years after the game’s introduction. Shortly after the first film release a Pokemon trading card game was developed. Initially, the cards were just used to battle other cards, where you would draw a Pokemon from your deck and try to defeat your opponent. As the trading card game developed, Nintendo made the cards compatible with the Nintendo e-Reader.

    A real life gym?

    The purpose of the gyms in Pokemon was to beat the leader and win an item which would let you progress with the story. But next month, on the 19th of November, a real life Pokemon gym will be opening in Osaka. The gyms will allow you to buy items related to the Pokemon franchise. The exciting new aspect of the Pokemon gym will be interacting with the Pokemon. Visit Charizard’s Battle Coliseum and dodge his flames. Or you can try out Zoroark’s Sinister Dojo. If you get injured then simply walk on over to Machamp’s First Aid Centre. And don’t worry, our eternal favourite Pikachu will be there too!

    Get down there if you can for your real life Pokemon experience. Gotta catch them all!


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