What should you do if you lose something in Japan?

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  • What should you do if you lost something?

    Even if we are very careful of our stuff, we are all human so losing something happens to all of us. I hope you won’t lose anything in Japan but if do, don’t feel hopeless!! Here are some tips that might help you find your item.

    At first, go back to the place where you think you lost it. Then, if you couldn’t find it, you should go to the nearest police station (“koban”) in the area where you think you lost your things. Most of the police stations are located somewhere near the station.

    Policemen are there to help so they will probably ask you when and where you think you lost it and a couple of other questions. In fact, if you have a phone, they will ask your phone number even you don’t have a Japanese mobile number. In case if someone found your item, they will call you. However if you don’t have a phone you should just come back to the police station the next day or couple days later when you can.

    Why I said “don’t feel hopeless”?

    Because basically Japanese people have the great habit of bringing lost items to the police stations which means that if we find a wallet or a mobile phone we just naturally bring it to the police station without even opening! Of course, sometimes a person who found it might not be all that great and can keep it instead, but it is not that common in Japan.

    One of the reasons why people here don’t steal is thanks to the education at school. Indeed, almost every school has a “lost item box», If you found someone’s item you have to put it in that box.

    Also we think that if we bring someone’s lost item to the police, maybe this someone will do the same for us if the same happens.

    So, if you lose something, don’t give up looking for your stuff! I hope you will have a great time in Japan.