There’s Something for Everyone at Hibikinada Green Park

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  • Hibikinada also known as Green Park, is one of the most beautiful parks located near the sea side of Kitakyushu. You can find a variety of activities to do here.

    Hibikinada lake

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    Hibikinada road

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    Cars zooming to and from Hibikino

    Hibikinada is literally a green park with a circumference of about 7.5km. On one side stand tall trees and on another side lies a large lake. This park is for all ages where one can ride a bike, play golf, run, take a boat ride and so on. The park can be easily found on Google maps and parking is easily available. It also has many entrances and the visitors can choose the entrance at their convenience. It is perfect for getting some fresh air, reading a book, spending time with your family or even by yourself because it is secluded from the highway.

    Hibikinada bike

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    Often there are many events that take place in Hibikinada throughout the year. All of the information about events or activities can be found on the park’s website.

    My experience

    Hibikinada bridge

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    Three months ago while I was looking for a pretty and peaceful destination nearby to bike to, my friends recommended this park to me. I was greeted by birds chirping, the chill air among the trees compared to the rest of the city, the sound of the flowing water from the dam and the beautiful setting sun. My favourite sight that day was standing on the bridge of the dam, watching ducks swim in the lake on one side and the cars zooming to and from the Hibikino area on the other. I rode around 14 kilometers that day from home, halfway around the park and back. It was a wonderful day.

    So if you are stuck in Kitakyushu with nothing to do and you want to experience outdoors, I would highly recommend this beautiful green park. It has several fun outdoor activities and beautiful views all rolled into one location!

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