Do you know how many National Holidays Japan has ?

  • Japanese people is well known as a busy person. Everyday work and it is hard to take a break. And that is usual to work overtime.
    During busy days, How relaxing do they do. Spending a paid vacation and do something on Saturday and Sunday.
    In addition there are national holidays they spend.

    So this time I would like to introduce National Holidays in Japan.
    In Japan there are 15 national holidays. And that is more than another country holidays. For example France is 12 national holidays, Italy is 13 national holidays, UK is 8 national holidays, And USA is 12 national holidays.

    National holiday is decided by the National diet and including constitution.

    Article of the Constitution of Japan.
    National Holidays is defined as The Japanese citizen who extremely asking for peace and freedom is to consist a life that growing the noble habits, more better life with no harmless society.
    We celebrate to thanks to ourselves and for defining the anniversary, Today is named as National Holiday.

    So I would like to tell a part of National Holiday.

    On 11th April, that is Coming-of-age Ceremony.

    That is really important as turning point. Because that time they are 20 years old and get some rights, participating the selection, being able to alcohol drink, and the right to pay a pension.
    So spending that day, you can recognize myself as adult.

    On 20th March, that is Vernal Equinox Day

    Verbal Equinox Day is the day for Praising the nature and cherish living things. ]
    And that day is difference every year. And start spring and you can see Cherry blossom tree.

    Golden Week in March

    In March, We have a holiday that is continue to 3 days from 3th March, “Constitution day”, “Greenery Day”,”Children’s day”. So that is called Golden week. Because there are nothing to continue to 3 days. And Especially the most important day for child is Children’s day. Because their Parent buy some toys. And that time you can see a carp streamer.

    18th July That is Marine Day

    That day is the day to appreciate to Ocean. Because Japan is Island around Ocean. we often eat anything from ocean.
    So that day is really important day for Japanese citizen.

    21th September is Respect-for-the aged Day

    That days is the day to appreciate old aged person. Especially Grandparents. Because they take care of Children when Parents need their helps.
    And Old aged person lead our society for more better. And In Japan we are worried about them everywhere.

    23th September is Autumnal Equinox Day

    That day is opposite day to Vernal Equinox Day. That day is sign being Autumn.

    And from next year(2016) Mountain day, On 11th August, will be.
    That day is for appreciate to Mountain. Before I mention there were Marine day as Nation holiday, So we had to need to create that day.

    Other Holidays also be nice for citizen.
    In my opinion, those holiday is really nice, But when I was university student, I always join the lesson in those holidays. So no meaning for me and maybe almost of all Univ students.

    In those Japanese holidays, which holiday are you interested in?