7 Adorable and Tasty Gift Ideas from Tokyo

  • “There are many souvenir shops in Tokyo, so I do not know which ones are the best…”
    We have gathered information on delicious and adorable sweets just for you!
    Enjoy not only their taste but also their look.

    Edo gawara koyomi

    Senbei (rice crackers) with a rich seasonal feeling to them, decorated with scenes of Edo during the four seasons.
    The illustrations on the rice crackers change depending on the season! People receiving these will definitely be happy that they can get a feeling of the atmosphere back then.


    Cream puff of Totoro

    Totoro cream puffs (Totoro is a famous Japanese character by Miyazaki Hayao)
    This is the only place in the whole world where you can eat these!


    Baked zoo

    Baked Cup Cakes decorated with adorable animals – enjoy the taste of the season and the aroma of butter spread within your mouth.
    Their homemade taste, along with the fact that they do not use any preservatives, makes them ideal as snacks for children.



    A Present from Japan 😋#Fukiyose #Sweets

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    Elegant miniatures shaped after local sweets, without affecting their simplicity.
    Enjoy many different types of traditional Japanese sweets such as “kompeito” (small colored sugar candy covered in bulges.)

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    Bonbon caramel bouquet

    Fruits purée reduced to a pulp with a caramel-like consistency to condense its taste.
    Enjoy the taste of fresh fruit and the jelly-like texture.


    Hitokuchi gashi

    Though this looks like a modern sweet at a glance, it has been made thinking of ancient snacks based on fruits and nuts.
    Each of them is gently handmade by the artisans following a particular and fully worked-out production method.
    Their rich flavor matches not only green tea perfectly, but also sake.


    Nikosuzu yaki

    “Ningyoyaki” shaped after the silver bell of Tokyo Station and presented in a Western style with burnt butter
    Available with 4 different fillings: “azuki” (red bean jam,) “green tea & azuki,” “apple cinammon,” and “pumpkin.”