How do you dress up, following the trend or wear what you want to?

  • I stayed abroad for a year when I was in the 3rd year of the university.
    There were some Japanese students in classes including me, but of course many Chinese and Korean people are there as well.

    I, somehow, easily realized who was Japanese and who wasn’t there at first sight, without talking to them.
    I think the reason was that I looked at their fashion.

    There are many countries and cultures that are considered fashionable in the world, but Japan is a bit different.
    Japanese young generations follow the trend and they have style, and one more thing: they all look exactly the same!

    I didn’t know if I could distinguish them from other country’s people just because I am Japanese too, but their appearance did help me to recognize they were grown up in Japan.

    1990’s trend

    First of all, let’s see the mode in 1990’s that I still remember.

    Shiny long hair, checked skirt and double-soled boots that make your feet appear longer… most of women in town looked like that.
    The pioneer of this fashion was a Japanese singer.
    She was famous for a triple-million selling record in 1990’s, and young women were crazy about her(she is still one of the role models for today’s fashionable girls).

    2000’s trend

    Some of you might not believe this was a trend in Japan, which shy people are all around, but actually many gals looked like them in 2000’s.
    I was in high school when this fashion were popular among our generations, so I still remember I was very scared to walk in a large city like Shibuya and Shinjuku since I could see many outrageous gals out there!

    2014’s trend

    The last picture is…

    Hmm casual and cute! I for one love this the most.
    Flower patterns are much-loved in 2014.

    Tall persons would look better with a big floral design, and a small floral pattern was considered to be aimed at short persons.
    I assume that every single women today have the one in their closet.

    As I showed above, Japanese fashions are very cool and they all tempt us to follow, but people look the same as a result.
    This may be caused by our own convention that Japanese people tend to feel relieved and comfortable as they do the same as others.

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