Need a Good Cry? Let it All Out the Japanese Way!

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  • Life is hard. Sometimes everyone needs a good cry. In Japan, where the control of emotions is mastered and people do not let their tears out except when absolutely necessary (only during public sport events athletes tend to cry when their team loses, especially young women, at least it seems), a good cry can help you let out all bad emotions.


    The old way would to hold back all tears until you arrive home. Then you can let it go and cry all you want, at least if you live alone. If you do not, you first would need to find out, if anyone is there. Finding some privacy can be tough! Finding someone to comfort you and be near you in a cold and noisy city can be challenging too.


    Do not worry, there are other ways to cry, at least if you live in Tokyo, though they are not the most conventional ones!



    You can rent out a good looking guy to wipe away your tears at Ikemeso office*(Automatic translation.) But since they target offices only and only allow therefore company clients as a group, you can only do it at the office, with all the coworkers together. Why not? We do not feel intimidated at all to cry in front of colleagues and this will definitely improve communication inside the office. Won’t it?

    Crying Room at Mitsui Garden Hotel

    Or you can rent out a Crying Room*(Automatic translation) at Mitsui Garden Hotels in Yotsuya. Due to popularity this service has been extended until the end of 2015.

    Limited to ladies only, you can choose from 12 sad movies (Forest Gump, and other sad Japanese movies), read a sad and dramatic Manga and get tissue, eye-pas and warm body pads to relax and get you into the right mood. All guests also get one “泣きセラピー” (crying therapy) book, to learn more about the healing way of letting your tears out.

    Crying Event


    Finally, you can always join a rui katsu,*(Automatic translation) a crying event, held once or twice a month, where sad clips and movies are played (only for a few minutes) and people can cry together.

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