The 3 Scariest Japanese Urban Legends

  • The allure of all urban legends is that you never really know for sure whether they are simply tales to scare naughty children into being good or if there really is something more behind them. Right where you are seated reading this article, try to imagine every single story your parents or friends ever told you and then imagine them being real. What do you feel?

    In any case, here are the top 3 scariest Japanese urban legends that nobody would ever want to be real.

    1. Suicide gone wrong, giving rise to the Teke-Teke

    As if the story of one poor woman being driven to suicide isn’t sad enough, the Teke-Teke legend has it that a woman committed a suicide gone wrong. The woman had decided to jump onto an oncoming train to end her life but instead of dying, her body was merely severed in half at the waist, leaving her in pain and anguish, until she eventually did die…or did she?

    Now she is nothing but a ghastly torso, dragging herself on only her elbows as she roams across Japan in search for people to take her place. The “Teke-Teke” name refers to the sound she makes when she drags herself and when you hear this sound approaching you from behind. If you hear this sound as you walk at night, you better start running and never look back!

    If you allow her to get close enough to you, she will lunge at you and slice you in half, and that will be the end of you.

    2. Why so serious, Kuchisake Onna?

    Nobody can tell for sure where this legend came from, but some claim it was the angry soul of a woman who once was overly-obsessed with the way she looked and who was always in pursuit of beauty. Eventually dying at the operation table, she simply could not let go and thus, she roams Japan as the Kuchisake Onna or “Split Mouthed Woman”.

    She is easily identifiable as a woman with long dark hair, usually wearing a long trench coat. On her face is a surgical mask that one can often see in Japan and when she approaches you, she will ask you “am I beautiful”?

    At this point, you’re pretty much dead because if you answer “no”, she takes out a large pair of scissors and slices you in half. IF you answered “yes”, she reveals her face by taking off the mask, and you see her grotesque features for what they really are. Then she asks you the same question, “am I beautiful?”

    Whether you answer “yes” or “no”, nobody will ever see or hear from you again.

    3. Going to the toilet? Let’s meet Hanako-san

    There is a really famous game that is widely played by school kids across Japan to test their courage. The game involves going into the bathroom at night with its doors closed and knocking on it then asking, “Hanako-san, are you there?” 3 times.

    If you hear nothing, you are safe but if you’re out of luck, then you will hear a reply,”Yes, I’m here”. When you open the door, you will see a little girl with black hair in a red outfit. She will then pull you in and drown you in the toilet. So the next time you’re in the toilet minding your own business, Hanako-san might drop by for a quick visit!

    Which of these stories do you think is the scariest?

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