Hoshi Ryokan: Experience the Rich History of this 1300-year-old Hotel

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  • Autumn and winter are coming but going on an adventures should still be possible in these cold seasons. One place that needs to be experienced is Hoshi Ryokan (hotel and hot spa) – which is considered to be the second oldest hotel in the world with a history of 1300 years of continuously-operating business.


    Houshi (法師), which means Buddhist priest, is the name of the family as well as the hotel’s. It has been owned and run by the same family for 46 generations. According to the hotel’s history, the famous hot springs were founded by a Buddhist disciple (Garyo Hoshi) whose master (Taicho Daishi) saw a vision in a dream while traveling in the local area. It was a hot spring that had the health-giving power to heal the souls of all who bathed in the spring. This Japanese traditional inn is located in the Awazu Onsen district of Komatsu in Ishikawa Prefecture and was established in 718 A.D.

    Accomodation and Facilities

    The hotel offers simple Japanese-style accommodations, a hundred guest rooms (which typically feature tatami-matted rooms), and a private guest residence that can accommodate 450 persons. Ryokan guests are welcomed with traditional Japanese tea.

    They also offer hot spring baths both indoors and outdoors choices. Also, you can request to reserve the family baths if you want to have a private and solemn moment with your family. You can wear a “yukata” (a cotton kimono) for relaxing after soaking in hot springs.

    There are several traditional gardens and beautiful scenery around the inn that give you the chance to unwind, rest and meditate.

    They will also serve and provide local food stuff for your breakfast and traditional multi-course Kaiseki dinner (room service is available by request) and offer activities or guided tours around the local area.

    The “Garyo festival” is held in September (a traditional form of drama depicting everyday life and social conditions.) Visit this website for more information and details.

    Travel options:
    For Tokyo to Hoshi Ryokan:
    Train: 3 hrs and 26 mins.
    Drive: 4 hrs 56 mins
    Fly Tokyo Haneda to Komatsu: 3 hrs 33 mins.
    Fly Tokyo Narita to Komatsu: 4 hrs 24 mins.

    I invite you to experience the traditional lodging of the world’s oldest hotel and spa. Happy adventuring and stay warm!


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