5 Different stores and hypermarket I’ve been during my 1 year stay in Japan

  • My experienced in Japan was amazing. At first, it was a hesitant and I also felt that thing called “home-sick” dilemma. But after 4 to 5 months, I was able to coped up and started to love Japan including its food, people, places and everything.

    I am an extrovert type of person, friendly and outgoing. When I felt lonely and missed my family in the Philippines, I wanted to go outside, talk to people and hang out with them in the malls. And good for me because when that happened my Japanese friends toured and brought me to various shopping malls, hypermarkets and outlet boutiques.

    During my 1-year stay in Japan, I remember these places where I can expressed my whole being when I get fade and bored.


    JUSCO short for Japan United Stores Company. Grocery, electronics, fashion retailing and supermarkets.


    APITA a shop till you drop shopping mall. Food, home furnishings, clothes and kitchenware.


    Matsuzakaya department store has 3 buildings, the Main, South Wing and the North Wing. This department store has a wide range of fashions for luxury brands and casual clothing.
    Relevance:The greatest shopping spots in Japan. A summary of the five large Japanese department stores within Tokyo.

    4:OASIS 21

    Oasis 21 a shopping center that is unique with a large open space for any events or occasions that is attached to a bus terminal and serves as a transportation hub.

    5:100 YEN SHOP

    100 Yen Shop is a type of discount store having wide range of products for only 100 yen. They have processed foods, cosmetics, kitchenware, tableware, cookware and the like.

    These were just the places I’ve been to and proud of. There are still a lot of beautiful places in Japan I’ve been wanting to visit from Tokyo to Osaka or vice versa.

    Japan’s natural beauty can be seen all year round. It offers beautiful and attractive places for tourist and travelers. Not just the country is beautiful but also its culture is fascinating.

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