Satisfy your Fried Chicken Craving with KyoChon!

  • KyoChon is actually a food establishment from South Korea. When asking for recommendations on where to eat upon visiting, the consistent answer was to go to KyoChon. For the uninitiated, Kyochon is South Korea’s answer to fried chicken. But not just any fried chicken, their chicken is 100% from natural ingredients and is NOT fast food. They pride themselves on using antibiotic and hormone free chickens and heart-healthy canola oil. They also do not use frozen chicken or MSG. Established in 1991 with now over 20+ years of experience, KyoChon’s unique double frying technique has made the crispiest chicken resulting in the utmost oishii experience that is more healthy and crispier than their counterparts.

    They have multiple flavors and were the ones to first use the soy garlic glaze with the double frying technique noted above. For Korean soap opera and tv show fanatics the chicken may look familiar as, this is well established in the series with multiple stars endorsing the product, thus spreading its popularity. The menu, not surprisingly is chicken centered and comes with choices of drumstick, wings, drumettes or salal (boneless chicken strips coated in special rice batter) in the soy, honey and red spicy flavors. There is also the standard Korean gable, bulgogi and other wraps, but the true star is the fried chicken itself. It’s the perfect accompaniment to beer!

    The KyoChon brand itself has been consistently voted the best South Korean fried chicken for 13 years and counting! There are now over 1000 stores world wide with multiple locations across Asia and the United States. Luckily it has finally come to Japan and is opening up its first location in central Roppongi on November 29th!


    Expect a big turnout and lines for their cooked to order yumminess (usually takes at minimum 15 minutes to make). Don’t miss out as this is definitely worth the wait!


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