Experience the Gardens at the Adachi Museum of Art

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  • Although the name might imply that it is only an art museum, Adachi Museum of Art (足立美術館) is definitely not any ordinary art museum. It has more to offer than meets the eye. In fact, Adachi Museum of Art is widely known for its beautiful Japanese garden, winning the “Best Garden Award” annually since 2003.

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    Viewing the gardens

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    It was a rainy day when I visited the museum, thus I thought the view could not be as magnificent as it would be on a sunny day. However, once I went in, I realized that I was totally wrong. I could not help but gasp in amazement at the greenery and the arrangement of the gardens. Keep in mind that nobody is allowed to walk into the gardens but instead enjoy the view from behind the glass panels and barriers. This might sound strict, but it is actually quite peaceful as you can fully enjoy the view of the undisturbed garden.


    Adachi art garden visitors

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    Apart from the gardens, the exhibits were beautiful as well. So even though the outdoors is a wonderful attraction, don’t forget to check out the exhibits inside the museum! However, unlike the garden, no pictures of the exhibits are allowed.

    How to get there

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    To reach Adachi Museum of Art, the nearest station is Yasugi station. From there, take the free 20-minute shuttle bus to the museum. Keep in mind to go to the bus stop as soon as you reach the station as the schedule of the bus is arranged so that it matches nicely with the arrival of the train. If you really do happen to miss the bus, then you either have the choice to wait for another hour or take a taxi to the museum.

    Lastly, a very important tip for international visitors. Remember to show your passport or residence card (if you are now residing in Japan) when you purchase your ticket as you will be allowed 50% off. This is quite the discount since the usual price of a ticket is 2,300 yen!

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