Macho Bar in Kyoto: The Perfect Place for Cocktails and Eye Candy!

  • If you are in Kyoto and looking for somewhere, you can enjoy a drink and also enjoy the view then you need to get yourself to “Macho Bar” off Kiyamachi street between Shijo and Sanjo.


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    It’s pretty easy to find, from Kiyamachi street if you’re going south from Sanjo street take the next right after Zaza and you’ll see it on your left. (Just opposite Chambers night club).

    Macho Theme


    As the name Macho Bar suggests it is a bar themed around macho men! The decor is pretty modern with nice clean lines, but the main focus isn’t how the bar looks – it is all about the guys who work behind the bar! All of the bar staff you will see in Macho Bar live up to the name and then some! The guys are all really muscular and more than happy to show off their well-honed physiques!

    Macho Barmen


    The barmen spend a lot of their time while they are working with their tops off and just a bow tie on above the waist so there are six packs and muscles galore! When they are wearing t-shirts they are more than happy to take them off if a customer asks and show off just how fit they are, using one of the workout items hanging at the end of the bar or even by doing backflips in front of the bar for you!



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    Drinks are all reasonably priced, a draft beer comes in at around 700 yen and there’re plenty of cocktails available. As a bonus, if you do order a cocktail the barman will bring the shaker over to your table and mix the cocktail in front of you, shaking it in front of you while showing off his muscles!


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    If you fancy having a go at being a Macho man yourself, the menu has a selection of poses for you to try out if you think you’re man enough too! Next time you’re drinking in Kyoto be sure to pop in!



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