Toei Kyoto Studio Park: Experience the Japanese Movie and Anime fantasy world!

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  • Toei Kyoto Studio Park (東映太秦映画村), also known as Kyoto movie land, is a must visit spot for every Japanese movie and anime fans. The studio which has been operating from 1975, is currently the biggest studio in Japan (approximately 36,000 square meters!) and the only studio which also operates as a theme park.

    The initial idea was to make a movie settings which also could be used for Japanese drama series, and provide a very unique experience for visitors to see various film making here. However the studio is not just about watching film set and film making, there are a lot of other attractions that Japanese movie and anime fans must try.

    Get into Toei Kyoto Studio Park will make visitors to experience the time slip for a moment. In the studio, there are lots of Japanese classic architectural building also with Edo period-style bridge, which create a genuine Edo period city atmosphere. Exactly just like you might seen in lots of museum and Japanese historical book.

    And that’s not all! In Toei Kyoto Studio Park, there are many other exciting attractions and facilities across the studio area. There are the Haunted House, Ninja Mystery House, 3D 360 Theater, Costume Photoshop (costume, make up, hairstyle, and stylist provided!), Toei Anime Museum, Ukiyo-e Woodcut Print Museum, and many more!

    Overall, Toei Kyoto Studio Park is a must visit spot. Here, visitors are allowed to learn about Japanese classic movie making, learn about history and Japanese culture in a really fun way.
    More over, the studio also provide many other facilities.Such as, restaurants and merchandise shops which located inside the film settings building as well. Exciting, right? Have fun! :)

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