Get the Look: Top 5 Trendy Japanese Stores

  • Around the world, Japan is known for its unique, trendy styles and great shopping. To get that fresh, fun and kawaii look, these stores are a must if you are ever in Japan! The best part is that they can be found all throughout the country.

    1. Wego


    For a cool, hip vibe Wego is the place to go. Wego constantly updates their clothing selections with the latest fashions. If you are interested in Japanese street style, you will find it here. You can find both men’s and women’s clothes, unique accessories, crazy shoes, cute socks, and even trendy umbrellas. Just walking into the store, you will find yourself in a hip environment with music and videos of models showing off cool outfits you could try on yourself! Check out their website before you go to pick out what you want to try on!

    2. Womb


    For a chicer, fresh off the runway look, check out Womb. Womb stays on top of all the latest Japanese looks and maintains a sharp, stylish feel. While you can still find cute sweatshirts and skirts, it a great place to go to experiment with new styles. They also have a great used clothing section, a popular trend in Japan. Womb is highly recommended if you want to embrace that cool Japanese look.

    Womb website

    3. Spinns


    Spinns stores are filled with crazy, funky, and bright clothing. It is great for anyone going for a daring and fun new look. Each piece of clothing is designed for the spunky fashionista in all of us! Embrace the unique quirks of Japanese fashion by taking a stroll through one of the stores or check out the exciting styles here! It’s a great place to shop for all the brave trendsetters out there.

    4. Uniqlo

    Let’s be real. Most of us live on a budget, but that’s no reason to not be stylish! Uniqlo is an affordable choice for the frugal shoppers out there. It is also a great place to stock up on basics like jeans, T-shirts, socks, and sweaters. Uniqlo is a staple for Japanese shoppers of all ages. Can’t afford a plane ticket to Japan? No worries! Uniqlo has stores across the globe letting anyone get their hands on great Japanese fashion. Check out what Uniqlo has to offer here.

    5. ABC-Mart


    No look is complete without the perfect pair of kicks! In Japan, you’ve got to have the right footwear, and ABC Mart is the place to get it! With plenty of famous brands like Adidas, New Balance, Nike, Timberland and more, you can find the perfect shoes to bring your whole outfit together. Take a look here.

    Now that you have all the info you need, it’s time to get shopping! Japan is never a let down when it comes to great style, great shopping, and lots of fun. So be brave and get ready to embrace and rock all the energetic, chic, and beautiful clothing of Japan.

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