Relax and Unwind in the Beautiful Awaji Hanasajiki Garden

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  • Looking for a nice relaxing garden to enjoy some beautiful flowers in the weekend but do not want the hassle of traveling all the way to Hokkaido to do so? Why not stop by Awaji Hanasajiki, a garden located in Awajishima.


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    Various flowers are grown at different times in the year depending on the season, giving a fresh feeling whenever you visit the place. However, be warned that in winter, the coldness might be a little too harsh for the plants, so the only varieties you are likely to see are flower stocks.

    The Beautiful Array of Flowers


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    On a beautiful sunny day (although it was a little cold in October), spending the day outdoors with the flowers lying like a carpet right in front of you is just a wonderful relaxing feeling. Also, when it is not too cloudy, you can even see the nice blue sea of Akashi Straits, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge as well as Osaka Bay area.


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    This place can get a little crowded on the weekends but fear not, with a large area of around 14.6 hectares, there is definitely space for everyone to enjoy the garden. An additional plus, there is no entrance fee for Awaji Hanasajiki, making it one of my recommended places to visit in Japan.

    Getting There


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    The only negative aspect I have about Awaji Hanasajiki is the difficulty to get there without a car. During one of my visits there, I took a bus from JR Maiko station (舞子). I then boarded the highway bus from there and stopped at Higashiura bus station (東浦バスターミナル). The bus ride was around 620 yen.

    Then, at Higashiura bus station, there are usually taxis already waiting there. Catch a taxi and let the driver know that you want to go to Awaji Hanasajiki and they will take you there. The ride took around 10-15 minutes uphill and costs around 3500 yen. I was sharing a taxi with a friend so the price was still acceptable for us. Since the route down to the bus terminal is downhill, my friend and I actually hiked all the way down. If you are feeling adventurous, why not try hiking as well? At least hiking downhill is not as tiring as hiking up.

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