5 Iconic Japanese Brands to Add to Your Wardrobe Collection

  • Foreigners in Japan know Uniqlo too well. It is an affordable, high-quality clothing line one can find in every mall in Japan. However, Japan has many other brands one should know about. Be it Harajuku or Ometesando, one may find these Japanese brands easily at every fashion corner.

    1. Onitsuka Tiger


    You may have heard this name already, but it’s more popularly known by the name ‘ASICS’. Onitsuka was re-branded as ASICS quite a long time ago but still it is known by its original name. It’s a sports brand that releases mainly shoes for athletes. Many different types of shoes such as spikes, grippers and others are produced and is a very legendary brand. What if I said the world famous Nike brand is an outcome of Onitsuka. In the 60s, the founder of Nike, Phil Knight who used to work for Onitsuka separated from it and started his own shoe brand. Nike and ASICS are still good competitors until this day.


    2. Comme des Garcons


    It is one of the iconic Japanese brands which attracted the world`s attention of fashion connoisseurs. It is no exaggeration if I said it is one of the first brands from Japan which stood as an inspiration to many famous designers. There is not one designer who does not admire Comme des Garcons` uniqueness, design and contemporary spirit. The founder of this famous men`s brand is a woman named ‘Rei Kawakubo’. She is an inspiration to many male designers not only in Japan but also in the entire world.


    3. VAN


    VAN is not only a clothing line but also a cult. There was once a cult of ardent fans to American Collegiate style called ‘Miyuki-zoku’ or ‘Ivy Rebels’. VAN has mastered the American Ivy look and it is one of the oldest Japanese brands to do so during the post world war times. Though some people say Miyuki-zoku is dead, it is still a de-facto trend in Japan. There are many other new brands coming which get inspired by VAN and Miyuki-zoku once in a while.


    4. United Arrows


    United Arrows is similar to Uniqlo which offers boutique style affordable priced clothing. It offers great quality at reasonable prices and the clothing line varies from street wear to formal and other divisions. It is an American style fashion line from Japan which is quite popular across the world.


    5. Number [N]ine


    You must have heard this iconic Japanese brand called ‘Number [N]ine’. It was unexpectedly closed and its founder has started ‘The Soloist’ quite recently and it offers unisex clothing line. Though it’s a new brand, the parent, Number [N]ine, has its foothold in Japan for a very long time. Not to be mistaken for Robert Downey Jr.`s The Soloist movie, this name is quite a buzz actually in the fashion world.


    So, next time you go shopping, don`t hesitate to browse through these brands and add one to your robe collection.

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