Seagaia, the Best Recreational Resort Complex in Japan

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  • There are four basic needs for human beings. They are: Food, Water, Clothing and Shelter. But there is one more hidden basic need which always motivates us to keep faith in life. That is nothing but ‘Recreation’. Without recreation once in a while, we couldn’t enjoy our life for sure. There is beautiful nature to keep us refreshed, but it may also getting too mainstream. So, why not put nature in a box?

    Artificial Beaches

    Artificial beaches are becoming more popular nowadays in advanced countries such as France, Japan, Monaco, Hong Kong, Canada etc. Not all places have beautiful coastlines and many people flock to the few beaches to get some sun. There is an element of luxury involved for those who live in land-locked areas in a coastal trip that is too tempting but includes a lot of planning. Artificial beaches attract millions of tourists and they are an epitome of human technological advancement and high-end recreation. From volcanic themed rock beaches to tropical themed palm tree beaches, these places offer an alternative to the beach-goers. But the only downturn is you might not be able to get that nice tan you always wanted.

    Seagaia Ocean Dome

    Unfortunately, Seagaia Ocean Dome was closed in 2007 for renovation. At one point it was the biggest artificial beach in the world, located in Miyazaki, Japan. It was built solely for recreational purposes just beside a real beach. It was a part of Sheraton Seagaia resort and it was themed with palm trees and a volcano which spat fire every hour to thrill visitors. It was an indoor beach which used to be always warm even on a gloomy day. Artificial tides were induced for good surfing time. The beach could accommodate ten thousand visitors at once. It used attract more than a million visitors every year. The Ocean Dome also had some golf courses in the resort in which it was located.


    So, if you are running out of ideas to go out with your girlfriend or family, you might want to try this just for a change when the place re-opens. Keep updated on when it might get operational again. Until then, enjoy the real beaches out there because the beauty of real nature cannot be copied to perfection. The smell, the wind and the sun cannot be duplicated whatsoever. However, artificial beaches generate millions of dollars of revenue in the form of tourism and are definitely worth a go. There are many other facilities in Seagaia Resort to enjoy that operate all the time, like spa and fitness centers, luxury cottages, golf courses and more!

    Phoenix Seagaia Resort

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