3 Hollywood Celebrities and Their Top-Secret Japanese Commercials

  • With the westernization of Japan, Hollywood actors have been invited to attract more consumers to subscribe to various Japanese products and services. However, Hollywood actors sometimes do not report that they starred in a commercial (CM) endorsing bags, beverages, and other products outside the US because of the stigma that their value as a serious actor will diminish if other people found out about it. Some Hollywood stars would even go as far as having a secrecy clause signed to ensure that the ads stay only in Japan and not to be released elsewhere especially in the US.


    However, thanks to the internet, some of the commercials made by Hollywood’s biggest celebrities in Japan can now be seen on Youtube and other video uploading sites. Here are three of the hottest Hollywood celebrities who made a CM in Japan but did not want to let everybody know about it.

    1. Miranda Kerr

    Globally famous for being a Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr now speaks a little Japanese as she endorses a laundry detergent in Japan called Bold. In this commercial, she plays the cheerleader who captures the attention of two Japanese women while she uses bold detergent bottles as her pompoms. Among her other endorsements include Samantha Thavasa handbags, Lipton and other products. You can watch her CM video here.

    2. Brad Pitt

    Who would have thought that Brad Pitt or Mr. Smith, would earn another nickname in Japan as Burapi? This award-winning Hollywood actor has found himself serving a sumo wrestler that is twice or even thrice his size as he endorses the third-largest cellphone carrier in Japan: Softbank. He is the butler who waits for the sumo wrestler all the time and tends to the wrestler’s needs. Brad Pitt also had to carry the sumo wrestler all they way because the sumo wrestler’s sandal was broken. Feel free to watch Brad Pitt’s commercial here.

    3. Leonardo DiCaprio

    Famous for his films Titanic, Catch Me If You Can and The Great Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio became the face of the Japanese whiskey brand Jim Beam. Yes, Leo carves out a ball of ice and makes it explode with just a snap of his finger. And then towards the end of the CM, he leaves you with a tag line “Cool bourbon.”