McDonald’s Turns All Class For a Day with ’Restaurant M’ in Tokyo!

  • The ‘M’ may not stand for McDonalds, but Michelin! In a country that prides itself on the most Michelin restaurants on the planet, it’s no surprise that even their fast food restaurants will go the high-end route. Welcome to Restaurant “M”, McDonald’s entry into this high-end dining extravaganza. This is not Mcdonald’s first entry into high-end dining, however. This was first attempted in Australia where diners ordering selected promotional items had the option of getting it delivered to their table with cutlery and a plate. Of course, the Tokyo version takes it over the top!

    Dining Experience

    Restaurant M captured the public’s imagination by taking our favorites from chicken McNuggets to french fries and giving it a makeover. No detail is spared, from the chinaware to the fancy tablecloths and tableware it is quite impressive. Unfortunately, it was only a one-time pop-up experience, on July 27th, 2015, where guests were treated to a five-course tasting menu. The first course, featuring the potatoes used in their iconic fries, has been turned into vichyssoise or chilled potato leak soup and a gelatin-like aspic of salad adapted from the usual menu.

    Platter of Patties


    Next five kinds of patty “pincho” of what looks like a burger, chicken nuggets, and fillet of fish/shrimp were presented on toothpicks complete with high-end dipping sauces. This was followed by a deconstructed fresh Mac burger (choice of chicken, beef, or fish). Dessert took the classic oreo Mcflurry and added fresh fruit on a fancy serving dish. Tea and coffee were served on fancy plates and utensils completing the meal.


    10 groups of 20 lucky Japanese guests were selected through the McDonald’s promotional website (out of 8300 entries!) and invited to the Roppongi Hills McDonald’s branch. The event was a promotional tie-in to their summer “Fresh Mac” menu. It was a success though most guests missed the simplicity of the usual happy meal they have come to love. Here’s hoping they bring it back anew for us to experience soon!

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