Great experience; Jinrikisha (rickshaw, 人力車) [Part 1]

  • Do you know Jinrikisha (rickshaw, 人力車)? This is a Japanese traditional vehicle now used in tourism and entertainment. We will introduce how you can enjoy it!!
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    A rickshaw is pulled by a man who is called shafu in Japanese. So you can be freed from walking in a crowd with heavy baggage. They pull the rickshaw faster than walking but slower than bicycles. You can also enjoy comfort ride even in summer/winter and rain/snow. They provide blankets for you in winter, and the rickshaws have foldable roofs which can be sunshade in summer and can guard you from rain and snow.

    When you are on the rickshaws, you can enjoy the scenery from higher level than usual eyes. That makes great Japanese scenery more beautiful and wonderful! Also, the rickshaw pullers are professional of the local area. So they can guide you to local paths which are rare for tourists, are not on the guidebooks but still very attractive. With rickshaws, you can enjoy more charms in the area!

    You can enjoy the seasonal-best spot

    Because the rickshaw pullers are networked and they provide the service every day, they have updated information about the local area. You may visit Japan to enjoy the scenery of sakura (cherry blossoms) or momiji/koyo (golden leaves). But their conditions differ largely from year to year, so you may be disappointed if you visit some places which are introduced on your guidebooks. However if you take a rickshaw, the rickshaw puller can take you to the best spot at that point. It is possible because of their information network.

    As mentioned above, the rickshaw pullers are the professionals of the areas. So they have a wide range of knowledge about them, and they tell you many interesting stories related the area such as the origin of the name of the spot, seasonal attractiveness and so on (of course there are some English-speaking rickshaw puller). Also, they take your pictures without selfie sticks. Don’t you have such experiences that most of your photos were those of scenery, or every photo lacks one of the friends? If you take a rickshaw, you can enjoy great photos with not only scenery but also you because they take your photos at the best spots in the courses by making best use of their knowledge.

    Jinrikisha looks very traditional, but the function and service are modernized, and it will be great experience for you.
    Please enjoy it!!