5 Money-Saving Tips for Cosplayers

  • Can’t wait to have that jaw-dropping anime look you’ve been dreaming about for so long?

    You’re not alone. Anime has had a great impact on youth culture all over the world and didn’t just encourage many to watch long-running series across different genres. It also brought forward the fun and excitement that ‘kospurei’ (English: cosplay) can bring at anime conventions and other related events.

    You’ve probably seen how brilliant the results can turn out to be. And if you’re planning to sport that costume as well, imitating your favorite anime character for the next event you’re planning to attend, then it’s only appropriate that you plan ahead.

    Cosplay On a Budget

    cosplay group

    Just because you want to look great doesn’t mean you’ll have to empty your pockets in order to get your full outfit plus accessories together. If you know how to be resourceful and know the right places to get all the stuff, you’ll have everything at minimal cost. Are you ready for some expense-cutting tips while gearing up for your next cosplay event?

    First, you need to pick a character and get the details of its outfit. You can’t start anything without knowing what character you’d like to become. By now, you should already have someone in mind. If you have several of them, then make a list so you can look into each one and decide which outfit will be easier to get together.

    1. Shopping Online and Second Hand Stores


    Is it truly necessary to buy your complete outfit? The answer is that you don’t necessarily have to, but it won’t hurt to check some ready made stuff online. One advantage of online shopping besides speed and a wide selection, are the opportunities for discounts. And who knows, the shop might just have started a sale for the coming season!

    If you can’t find anything affordable in the web shops, then there are always second-hand shops that sell good quality products. You’d have to be extra cautious for pre-existing damage, though.

    2. Borrow it From a Friend

    Do you have friends who are also cosplayers? Then go ahead and give them a call. They might not have the exact same costume you’re looking for, but they might know someone who does. Besides, with their background in cosplaying, they will certainly have tips and tricks up their sleeve that can help you out.

    3. Check Out Local Rentals

    It doesn’t have to be a formal shop, it could also be someone who offers his or her cosplay attire for rent. Compared to spending money for your outfit in stores, renting the entire thing is definitely more budget-friendly. Unless you would like to keep the costume as a memento, renting might be a good option to save.

    4. Make Your Own Accessories

    Whether it is a katana, a wand, tiara, or any other accessories your character carries, these are the things that truly make your outfit interesting. It’s a part of the characters’ identity and bringing them to life requires you to be as detailed as possible. Rather than buying a brand new, ready-made item, you might as well take the opportunity to make the item yourself. This will take more time, but gathering all the raw materials (which may even be found at home) is way cheaper, and it definitely adds to the fun of preparing for an event.

    5. Barter with Friends or on Trading Websites


    If you don’t mind bartering for your outfit, then you could start by asking people you know for the goods you’re looking for, in exchange for clothes and accessories you already have yourself. If you can’t find what you need, then you should definitely have a look at the trading websites that are out there to help you get in touch with people from all over the world in order to find what you need. Some of the most visited ones include:

    If you can do away with all those expenditures, you will have just as good a time as anyone who did pay the full price without hurting your budget. Look great by spending less! So start planning, know who to call and go online!

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