Tired of Amazon and Yahoo? Try These 2 Expanding Japanese Shopping Websites!

  • Online shopping sites are becoming common these days due to the importance of internet culture. People are increasingly finding online shopping easy and comfortable compared to shopping in the real world. Online shopping websites generate billions of dollars and also help people to become entrepreneurs by selling their own products online or starting a new e-commerce site themselves. Amazon, e-Bay, and Yahoo are some world famous retail sites. Japan has many similar domestic online outlets such as Rakuten. Amazon is the biggest international shopping site in Japan while Rakuten is the biggest domestic shopping paradise for online shoppers.

    1. Rakuten

    Rakuten is one of the biggest online retailers by sales in the world too. It was founded by Hiroshi Mikitani in 1997 and it offers not only online retail but also travel, banking and media services. It has become a tough competitor to Amazon by starting expansion into other countries as well. It has bought ‘Viber’, a Cyprus-based smartphone app company, DC Storm & Play.com in the UK. It is opening branches in BRICS countries especially in Brazil and India. In Brazil, it has bought ‘Ikeda’, one of the famous online retail sites there and is operated as ‘Rakuten Brasil’. It has bought famous online sites in Netherlands called ‘Tradoria’ and ‘Priceminister’ in France. India`s online market is the fastest growing in the entire world and Rakuten has already started an analytical research center in Bangalore, India, ready to capture the market soon.

    Market Share in Japan, 2014:
    online shopping pie chart


    2. Kakaku


    Kakaku can be called as the second biggest domestic online retailer in Japan next to Rakuten by sales. Its headquarters is located in Tokyo and it is listed as one of the top ten ‘Forbes Most Innovative Growth Companies’. Kakaku sells electronic devices, PCs and home appliances. It is termed as the largest price comparison site in Japan as it allows you to compare prices from various online retailers. It has expanded into SouthEast Asia and India with a new price comparison site called ‘Priceprice.com’.


    Priceprice.com launched in India:
    online shopping priceprice


    So, in case you were wondering where to do online shopping in Japan apart from Amazon or Yahoo, now you have two answers.

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