Give this Pink Japanese Curry from Tottori a Try!

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  • Finally, a pretty-looking curry! Unlike the mildly disgusting blue curry and the very disgustingly repulsive poop-scented curry. The pink color of the curry is naturally derived from Tottori beetroots. Beetroot has high iron content which is good for anemia patients. The beetroot also regulates bowel movements which is helpful for those with constipation and also has antioxidant properties for anti-aging purposes. Sounds healthy, eh? The pink curry is called Pink Kirei. Kirei means beautiful in Japanese and it is also a pun for curry. How creative!

    Tottori’s peciality


    The pink curry is a specialty food in Tottori Prefecture which is a major producer of beetroot in Japan. The pink curry was launched as a promotional event for the café Oenoki-an and the company Brilliant Associates. One might expect the curry to taste sweet due to how kawaii it looks, but it tastes spicy and savory like regular curry.

    Where to get it?


    There is a French Renaissance-style manor located in Tottori which is called the Jinpukaku. Typical of Japan, Jinpukaku has its own representative characters which are the four beautiful regal sisters, namely Ririka, Sarika, Marika and Yurika who are dressed in French renaissance clothings. Ririka is the youngest child fancied by everyone; Sarika is the third child who loves to draw; Marika is the second daughter who is cheerful, vivacious and loves waltz; while Yurika is the eldest sibling who loves to play the violin. Out of the many colors, pink is a traditionally feminine color which seems to best suit the image of these four pretty, sophisticated, and aristocratic ladies so it was chosen to color the curry!

    Since this curry looks cute, is healthy for anemics like me, and tastes delicious like regular curry, I am totally interested in trying it!
    You can try this curry at Oenoki-an, Tottori or buy a pack of the pink curry online at 980 yen here


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