Not For the Faint–hearted: Try Some Poo Flavored Curry!

  • This is probably the most disgusting curry in the world. Toilet-themed restaurants are quite popular in Asia, but this chef is taking it to a whole different level. Early August 2015 a restaurant which specializes in poop-flavored curry, Curry Shop Shimizu, was opened in Tokyo by Mr. Ken Shimizu (also known as Shimiken). Mr. Shimizu is a porn star and porn director, famously known for tasting human poop before in his adult films. Since he is one of the rare human beings who has a profound knowledge of what human poop tastes like, he decided to develop a curry that tastes like human poop for the curious and the brave.

    What’s It Made Of?


    In Japan, a popular question to ask your friends is whether one is more willing to eat curry that tastes like poop, or poop that tastes like curry. The usual answer is that people would prefer to eat poop-flavored curry and hence, this restaurant has been established…

    The curry is supposed to smell and taste like human poop so one would be wary of the ingredients. One would hope that no real faeces is used in the curry, no matter how sanitized it would be! There is no need to worry, as there is no real poop in it. The “poop” is only made from edible ingredients such as cacao powder, kusaya (fermented fish), onions, carrots, fish intestines, minced meat, goya, and senburi tea. Thank God! To further enhance the poop-eating experience, the curry is served in a bowl designed to look like a traditional Japanese squatting toilet.

    Where Do I Eat This?


    Can you not wait to try this poop-flavored curry? The restaurant’s has done market research, and it turned out that 85% of people would not. I am a picky eater and I get disgusted easily so even though this dish contains no real poop, I would definitely say thanks, but no thanks.

    If you are less picky than 85% of people, and would like to go for it and try, you can find more information (mainly in Japanese) on their website. Here, you can also take a look at the menu so you know what to look forward to. You can get information in English on this this website. Don’t forget to leave a raving review!

    *This shop is permanently closed.

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