How to Stay Fashionable and Warm During the Japanese Winter

  • Winter is approaching and it’s a norm for locals and tourists alike to start piling on layers and layers of clothes to keep themselves warm and comfy during this season. However, the younger generations of the Japanese are always dressing to impress, regardless of where they are heading and when I mean dress to impress, they are literally wearing their summer clothing! It always amazes me that some even manage to wear miniskirts during such extreme temperatures (and we are talking about temperatures of -4 to 6 degrees!). During my past visit to Osaka, I still remember wrapping myself up and looking like an overwrapped dumpling in those awful, puffy winter jackets! Imagine myself looking literally like a big, oversized whale, while the rest of the locals looked like they have just walked out from a high-street fashion magazine!

    So in order to keep up with the rest, I quickly did a research online to find out if there is any magic to such philosophy. And true enough, they are indeed many items/devices which we can use on a daily basis in order to look great without being overly wrapped up even during winter time!

    Disposable Hand Warmer


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    Disposable hand warmers are the most common and convenient items for lazy ones like me. Basically it can be found at most of the convenience stores in Japan. Now what makes this disposable hand warmer so great is the practicality of it. All you need to do is just to open the package, shake it and the heat would slowly build on its surface. This warmer can last up to 6 hours long. I usually place it in my pocket to warm up my freezing palms but it can be placed anywhere you want. The cost of it is approximately 300 Yen for a pack of 10 pieces.



    Famous for its health benefits, haramaki is usually worn around the abdomen to provide heat during cold weather. It’s usually associated with kids and the older generations because the Japanese believes that heat around the belly is good to ward off illnesses!

    In today’s society however, haramaki has transformed into a fashion statement instead. I have spotted quite a number of Japanese walking around with it and I believe that’s how they manage to feel warm and fuzzy all the time even though they are just wearing a thin layer of clothing during this time of the year!

    Heated Socks

    Next on the list would be the heated socks! This is yet another great invention, suitable for the ladies who wish to look good and comfy at the same time! I was pretty shocked when I found out about its existence. However, it is indeed a very genius invention as many would be thankful for this item during the winter season!

    With 3 of these mentioned inventions, it is a no wonder that Japanese are able to look so great during such cold weather. So ladies, the next time you plan on visiting Japan during winter, don’t forget to stock up on the above items!

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