9 Amazing Japanese Qualifications

  • how much Competences there are in Japan?

    The author have some competences, which are Teacher license and The competence well Known Japanese news, and car license.
    Those competences are just a part of it.
    Do you know how much Competences there are in Japan? It is around 3,000 competences. When I knew this information, I’m really amazed this number. And there are 3 types qualifications, National qualification, public qualification, private qualification.

    So for what and why so much qualification?

    Almost of cases are appeal and career up. Especially for high school students or Univ students. Because entering University or get a job. so that seems like Insurance to do well. Of course it is too hard to get a qualification, But that is good sign to toward more get and more career up.
    On the other side, you couldN7t find out which is the most important qualification to you. So that is cause of confusing. But If you found one thing in Qualifications, that is a close way dream come true.

    Introduction of some Qualifications

    By the way, I show up some Qualifications for difficult or easy to get.
    About hard qualifications, CPA (Certificated Public Account), Jadical-scivnemer and etc.
    And most of them are National Qualifications

    In a while, what is more easy to get qualifications?
    According to one research site, there are three qualification which you get more easy than others.
    Those are Mos(Microsoft official specialist), Secretary qualification, Business manner qualification.
    Mos is actually important to work in Office and that is minimum skill. So that qualification show up.
    And Secretary qualification Just specialize to be a secretary, of course you can get a skill as manner. So that is also important one.
    Business manner examination is about only business manner, for example how to write the business email and how to apologize or talk manner.
    That is said preparation before work in office and you can get the qualification. When you have a interview, interviewer recognize he / she has a minimum skill as worker.

    Those qualification necessity is usually importances and others are not important

    And I found some interesting qualification in public qualification.

    Chopsticks qualification

    That qualification let us know the way to bring and use Chopsticks and learn Chopsticks culture, That is a one to know Japanese traditional culture and when you pass this qualification, you are a Maestro of Chopsticks.

    Diet qualification

    The purpose of this qualification is to learn the way to keep being healthy and get a correct acknowledge about diet.
    In Japan, the Diet as used Japlish, not including Diet English version. And mean’s of Diet in Japan is to decrease e weight. But real mean is the way to keep healthy. Just keeping body not decrease.
    And that qualification is a chance to know Diet and improve our life to keep.

    Father qualification

    That is really interesting and so funny.
    The purpose is to being good father. Really easy.
    In Japan taking care of child as role of mother, But generally speaking, that’s incorrect. Other countries you can see the seen husband take care of child.
    The husband who take care of child is said as Ikumen. That is really common situation for both parents to take care of their sons.
    But Japanese husband don’t know the importance to do that. so maybe show up this.

    At the end

    This time you could check 9 qualification, But those is only a few face of qualification.
    Absolutely you can find more interesting qualification.