5 Crazy Reasons You will Love Don Quijote

  • “Don don don Donki~Don Quijote…~” When you walk out of the store, this catchy music will never leave your head! What store? If you didn’t know by now, you’d better listen up! Don Quijote is a mega discount variety store that sells everything from boring white socks and some groceries to cutesy character onesies to snacks and…you name it, they got it! Don Quijote is your one-stop shopping spot for everything and anything under the sun!

    A bit of “Donki” History


    Donki, as affectionately known by the Japanese, actually opened its doors as Don Quijote in 1989 in the suburbs of Fuchu, Tokyo. Surprisingly Don Quijote did not become a casualty during the end of the economic bubble, as Donki was one of the very few discount stores around, helping the locals to save money!

    There are also over 160 locations in Japan and 3 in Hawaii, which means the chain’s popularity is gradually increasing. This can be attributed to the fact that stores can have between one to five floors stocked with random goods, and that some stores open up to 24 hours and others as late as 3am!

    Now there are some crazy things sold at Donki that we’d like to introduce to you!

    1. Lap Pillow

    For the lonely old salaryman or the bored college kid as a gag gift, this pillow can satisfy some sort of fantasy or as a couple of laughs! It’s actually soft so it could double as your real pillow on the flight back home….

    2. Jumbo snacks!


    You can get jumbo sized packs of your favorite snacks for a discounted price! These packs are perfect to pass out at parties or to share with your friends! This is probably one of the reasons why Donki is the first stop for those who are planning parties!


    Who would be able to resist the mountains of snacks at such great prices? Even if you are not exactly sure what’s in the package, it would still be worth it to try!

    3. Funny costumes and cosplay


    It’s soft, warm and cozy and can maybe replace your pajamas…

    Don Quijote sells kigurumi, or “onesies” for lack of a better word in many different character designs from My melody to Pikachu, Stitch, and more! It might be useful for one of those days when you feel like just rolling out of bed and walking straight out the door in your pjs…


    There is also a huge selection of cosplay outfits because apparently it’s Halloween every day in Japan. Stores vary slightly in their inventory by branch, and if you’re looking for an outfit to your next cosplay convention it might be best to get to the Akihabara branch, which has quite a nice selection.

    4. Party goods


    There are not only crazy tasty and jumbo packs of snacks to fulfill all your party needs, but Donki also provides just the outfits and gambits you might need for your little festival of fun! Just take a look at this “tights man” suit! You will surely be the life of your party once you slip it on!

    There is literally everything you can even think of; maybe even ones you would have never even imagined..such as masks or mustaches that range from goofy to just..creepy.

    5. Mysterious “miscellaneous” products


    The product is self-explanatory if you look at the picture. For the Japanese who always seem to (literally)look up to those with “high noses,” this might be a gem of a find. Nose-up now!

    So it seems that this store is just bursting with creativity and a whole abundance of fun gifts for your pals! Another self-explanatory photo….

    There are lot of diet beauty goods for you to indulge in! Take your pick.

    So…why will you regret not walking into Don Quijote?

    At first when you walk through the doors with tentative steps you will most likely be shell-shocked at the shelves piled up to the ceiling from wall to wall! The aisles are also narrow, but this shouldn’t be surprising in Japan. In fact , it surely must be a marketing ploy to get you to stay longer, searching for that face-roller, matcha snack, or gag gift for your friend’s birthday. So why don’t why come on in? Just be ready to have that “Don, don don Donki” song stuck in your head! Think of it as a souvenir from Japan!

    Don Quijote

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