3 Strangely Unique Animal-based Beauty Products in Japan

  • Japan is known for wacky inventions, not escaping beauty products, but if they work, they work, right? These are the 3 unique animal-based beauty products which you can buy from Japan.

    1. Uguisu no fun


    This is a beauty product made from nightingale excrement. Yes, no fun indeed. It is also known as the geisha facial. It was actually introduced by Koreans to remove dye from kimono but somehow, Japanese people got over-creative and decided to put it on their faces as beauty products.I cannot fathom how it was sanitized in the past. Probably just through sun-drying but it is still too gross for me in that form. Sorry, Japan. The white powder was used to remove the makeup of kabuki and geisha. It also has whitening properties coveted by Japanese women. You can use it as a cleanser or a facial mask

    2. Horse oil


    Ok, if Australia has emu oil then Japan has horse oil. The horse oil is extracted from horses which are slaughtered for food so it is not like the horses are slaughtered purely for the purpose of turning it into horse oil or cream. I don’t know if that makes you feel better or worse but I think we should respect other cultures even if we don’t eat horses. This product is pretty popular and you can virtually find it at most drugstores. This oil is recommended for very dry skin especially during the winter months due to its amazing moisturizing power.

    3. Bear oil


    Well, if Australia has emu oil then Japan double KO’ed Australia by having horse oil AND bear oil. At the moment, horse oil seems to be way more popular than bear oil so you can’t just find it at any drugstores. This oil is touted to be less oily than horse oil so those with not so dry skin would suit this oil better instead. You can purchase it in a few areas like Hida, Sobetsu, Nagano, Akita, and Aizu.

    Personally I have not tried any of the above beauty products. However, I may try the horse oil one day as I have dry skin and the product receives rave reviews.

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