Kappa Sushi – Get Your Sushi Delivered to You By Train

  • Who doesn’t love sushi? Even if you’re a vegetarian or simply don’t like fish, there are still going to be options for you at a sushi restaurant. In Japan it seems like there’s sushi restaurants around every corner. Some may be cheaper and others might have the finest ingredients. But if you’re looking for a fun and unique experience, look no further than Kappa Sushi!

    This conveyer-belt-style sushi restaurant is a chain restaurant that has locations all over Japan. 339 shops to be exact! You’ll know you’re at the right place by their iconic logo which features kappa. Kappa is a mythical creature that can be found in Japanese folklore.

    The Kappa Conveyor Belt

    If you’ve ever been to a traditional Japanese sushi-go-round you know how it works. Sushi make their way around the room on small plates. Kappa sushi uses that system but it also goes one step further and makes ordering easier. Some restaurants put your orders on the same conveyor belt as everyone else’s sushi. This makes it take longer to get to you and someone may even grab your order by mistake. At Kappa Sushi if you order an item it’s sent out on a cute train-like conveyer that stops only at your table. You send it back by pressing a button and then you’re ready to eat. How convenient is that?

    Amazing Menu
    Eggplant Sushi


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    Pork Cutlet Sushi


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    While Kappa Sushi offers a variety of seafood dishes, they also offer the nontraditional options as well. The prices start from just over 100 yen per plate. There are so many choices that it’s impossible to try everything in one sitting. At least now there’s an excuse to go back!

    Whatever your situation may be, Kappa Sushi is a fit for everyone. The cuteness is great for kids and the food speaks to both fish lovers and those who shy away from seafood. Be sure to check this restaurant out. You won’t be disappointed and with so many locations nationwide you can’t go wrong!

    Kappa Sushi Website

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