Best parts of living in Japan

  • Living in a country which is totally different from your own will challenge your life a lot but sometimes it can bring you shocking and annoying times, at the same time it will give you a very interesting adventure. You learn a lot of things about the world, and it can also make your world bigger and wider!

    I am not telling you or encouraging you to go and live here in japan to experience new things, because there are a lot of other amazing countries in the world! But seeing friends experiences who are in different countries and listening to their stories from Asia, Europe and America, and them keeping asking me help and mourning to go back to Japan, is proving that japan has a unique and special case, maybe the first things that came up to your mind are currency, but that is not the main reason of advantage for living here in Japan. There’s a lot more.

    Aside from being a peaceful country, Japan is one of the safest and secure countries in Asia. The technology is very advanced too. I really believe that Japan’s case is one of the unique things of the world.

    Seikan tunnel

    Did you know that there’s an underwater tunnel here in japan that measures at 53.850 meter? The Seikan Tunnel or Seikan Zuidō is a 53.85-kilometers (33.46 mi) railway tunnel in Japan, with a 23.3-kilometers (14.5 mi) long portion under the seabed. The track level is about 140 metres (460 ft) below the seabed and 240 m (790 ft) below sea level.[1] It travels beneath the Tsugaru Strait — connecting Aomori Prefecture on the Japanese island Honshu and the island Hokkaido — as a part of the Kaikyo Line of Hokkaido Railway Company. The name Seikan comes from combining the on’yomi readings of the first characters of Aomori and Hakodate the nearest major city on Hokkaido side.

    Disney Sea Resort

    tokyo spot 2

    Japan had a Disney Sea Resort located in urayasu chiba japan. according to Tokyo Disney Sea attracted an estimated 14 million visitors in 2013, making it the fourth-most-visited theme park in the world.Tokyo Disney Sea was the second theme park to open at the Tokyo Disney Resort and the ninth park of the eleven worldwide Disney theme parks to open. Tokyo DisneySea was the fastest theme park in the world to reach the milestone of 10 million guests, having done so in 307 days after its grand opening. The previous record-holder was Universal Studios Japan 338 days after its opening. Tokyo DisneySea is also the most expensive theme park ever built, estimated to have cost over U.S. $4 billion. Tokyo DisneySea and its companion park Tokyo Disneyland are the only Disney parks in the world not owned by The Walt Disney Company.

    Canned food

    tokyo spot 3

    tokyo spot 4

    What can you say when the earthquakes is coming and 10 seconds before your phone is giving you a signal siren? Isn’t that awesome?
    And what about the canned foods that are made with thought, so you do not need a can opener, just pull!

    Buildings and Roads

    The building and houses are built to endure any natural disaster on special basements. The road are so smooth you can actually sleep the entire time (if someone else is driving, of course), and not wake up every 5 minutes because the bumps make your car jump.

    Facilities and stores

    All the governmental facilities here are made and assembled in easy way for all people to access, every city here has an accessible hi-tech hospital to go, every town has its own nearby hospital for the first aid, there are dental clinics everywhere, convenience stores can be literally found on almost every block.


    tokyo spot 5

    The hospitals are built near by the fire stations and schools, also, in case of earthquakes, every street has a sign board and a banner “in case of disaster gather here” with arrows to instruct you to the right place.


    If you live here in japan, you need to know the most advisable places to go in case of disasters are: school, hospital and temples. Why? Because the buildings can endure any strong natural calamity.