3 Must-Visit Places for a Cultural Experience in Tokyo

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  • Tokyo is without a doubt one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It’s not just the rich and vibrant culture of the Japanese that makes it such an alluring tourist destination but also has plenty of exciting scenery, including a plethora of places with significant historical importance. Whether you love nature, art or history, you will find something to satisfy your thirst for a new experience as a traveler in Tokyo. If you do ever find yourself in Tokyo, don’t forget to visit these three places:

    1. Mori Arts Center


    This place is perfect for you if you adore arts and crafts from different continents. The Mori Tower is home to Japan’s best modern and contemporary art exhibition with collections obtained from all corners of the world. But it’s not just the art that makes Mori Art Center a must visit place in Tokyo. On the 52nd floor of the building, you will find the observation area where you get a 360-degree view of the entire city of Tokyo. With the breathtaking views of the city in the background, it’s a great place to take perfect photos to remind you of your visit to Tokyo.

    Mori Arts Center Gallery website


    2. Ueno Park

    If you want to get a real taste of the Japanese culture, then you have every reason to visit Ueno Park. In this place, you can find a number of ancient temples and shrines as well as some of the best kept traditional galleries and museums in Japan. This is also an awesome place to visit during the springtime when over 1000 cherry trees are blooming.


    3. Imperial Palace East Garden

    The Imperial Palace is the Emperor’s official residence. The castle ruins, guardhouses, and the wide green lawns are some of the best attractions in the east garden area. If you happen to be in Tokyo on the 2nd of January or 23rd of December, then you may be lucky to patron the entire building since these are the only days when the public and visitors are allowed to visit the entire palace.

    Imperial Palace website

    It is true that there are several other places anyone can visit while in Tokyo, but these three offer a rich blend of culture, nature, and history thus they are likely to satisfy every traveler’s desire to explore a new city.

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