3 Most Romantic Illumination Spots in Tokyo

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  • The day of Christmas itself in Japan is not much of a huge celebration for the Japanese. But the preparations that the country has for the occasion is by far incomparable. During the recent years, the Christmas image of Japan has been the beautifully lit illuminations that are conducted every year.

    Just a month before December is the time when these beautiful illuminations start to awe its viewers and without a doubt, there are also a number of locations in Tokyo that is known to showcase these light ups. Finding the time to visit these places during the coming winter break is a good suggestion and what’s better than getting to see these illuminations at accessible places and for FREE?

    1. Midtown Christmas 2015 in Tokyo Midtown

    The main illumination attraction in Midtown Christmas is the Starlight Garden which has a space theme setup. And for this year, there are also two main points to see which are the Vision Dome and the Hoshizora Illumination. Also check out for the changing scenes of the Starlight Garden because there are four of those to watch for.

    The whole place is actually filled with illuminations and there are also events like the Christmas Card Stamp Rally which you can participate. There is also Illumination Photo Service and an Illumination Tour or Concierge if you’d prefer it. The Midtown Christmas 2015 will be from the 12th of November until Christmas.

    Tokyo Midtown


    2. Keyakizaka Galaxy Illumination in Roppongi Hills

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    Featuring the “Snow & Blue” and “Candle & Red” illumination theme, the Keyakizaka-Dori is filled with 1,200,000 LED lights that make the whole street sparkle. One of the beautiful things about visiting Roppongi Hills during this time of the year is that you will be able to witness both the stretching illuminations and Tokyo Tower’s magnificent sight.

    For Galaxy users, you will also be able to change the Keyakizaka Galaxy Illuminations to a lighting heart design and you can also change the color with your smartphone. The Keyakizaka Galaxy Illumination is from the 4th of November until Christmas.


    3. Caretta Illumination 2015 in Caretta Shiodome

    In celebration of its 10th year, the Caretta Illumination will start the light up earlier and for a longer duration. This year, it will be from the 19th of November until the 14th of February or Valentine’s Day! The theme is called Canyon d’Azur which will feature a spectacle of blue colors. The points to watch for here are The Valley of Blue Stars (青い星の谷) entrance which showcases dynamic lights like a Heaven’s River, the upgraded Tower Tree and the Wall of Lights (光のウォール).

    All the locations for the illuminations above are very accessible in Tokyo so if you ever want to experience this yearly sight then check them out. Bring your cameras and come with your family or friends and enjoy these beautiful and free illumination spots but don’t forget that these illuminations are only start at around 5pm or in the evening!

    Caretta Shiodome


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