Shinkansen carry us toward new places

  • In Japan means of transportation is so much. Train and airport and shipment. That is really convenient to go sightseeing spots in Japan.

    In this year, New face of Shinkansen, which is a bullet train in Japan showed up. That is Hokuriku shinkansen. Shinkansen has advanced these days, So this time Let’s talk about Shinkansen.

    Hokuriku Shinkansen

    This bullet train carry us Takasaki station which is on Gunma prefecture to Kanazawa Station is on Ishikawa prefecture. Before If we will go to Kanazawa, there would be two way. One way is talking Plane. That is really speedy while the fee of plans is so expensive. The other one is taking Special Express and using Local line. That is really more cheaper than talking a plane, but it takes 6 hours to go Kanazawa. So spending four of one of a day. Eventually it is hard to going to Kanazawa area.

    But this chance to open new way to go Hokuriku area is really good revolution. Look at on the below map. That shows the Shinkansen map in Japan

    The map of Shinkansen

    Expecting somewhere, almost of all prefecture tied with Shinkanse.And Developing new route has continued and that is future way.

    You know Airplane is really nice if you were busy. And you can see some view from the air too. But Shinkansen is more good point, First is Station Lunch box there are. That is called “Ekiben” That’s content is differences every station.

    Eki ben

    So when you are going to somewhere with Shinkansen, you enjoy meal and view point both.

    Shinkansen has always make a new story.The first opening traffic of Shinkansen was in1964. And at the same time Tokyo Olympic game opened. So Shinkansen role as carry audience to a stadium. And Since then Shinkansen is more convenient and imperative tools as carry us someplace.

    And from now on too, we use this imperative tools. I recommend you get Japan rail pass when you coming to Japan, That pass is really convenient and discount ticket you take Shinkansen and another train or buses.