All-you-can-Eat Strawberries, The Japanese Way!

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  • Strawberry or Ichigo (in Japanese) is one of the most popular and consistent fruits you’ll see when you visit japan. Several strawberry flavored foods are out in the market and you can see them anywhere you go. From cakes, ice cream, mochi, chocolates, drinks, cookies, jam, or even toothpaste.

    That’s why I dare to say this fruit is popular because of this cakes.

    That’s why throughout Japan, businesses like strawberry farms are also common.

    Mid December to early January, Most strawberry farms are open for business since this is the start of strawberry picking season in the country. Me and my colleagues had the chance to experienced the eat all you can strawberry for 1,500 yen per adult. Thats good for 45 minutes of picking and eating strawberries with condensed milk included in the set. The container you’ll receive from the farm have two parts, one is for the condensed milk, and the other is for the calyxes

    Most kids under two years age are free of charge but over 2 are charged with a lower price,If im not mistaken, around 600 to 900 yen will be charge for them. But before they’ll let you go inside, they will first orient you the proper way to pick strawberries including do’s and dont’s while inside the premises.

    After the orientation, Its Picking time!

    There are two types or breed of strawberries in the picking area which I do not know at first. Only when our Japanese friend told us what type of strawberries we ate after.

    So the first type of strawberry is called AKIHIME

    And the second type is called BENIHOPPE

    The difference of the two is more on the taste I think, since akihime is sweeter that benihoppe. And the price are quite similar, ranging from 2,000 to 3,500 yen per box depending on how many strawberries included per pack. The one you see above is 3,000 yen. Quite expensive but taste good. Taking home picked strawberries are strictly prohibited. They will charged you 10,000 yen if caught. so better be good or else suffer the penalty.

    Picking site/ Greenhouses have their own strawberry store so you can buy something to take home. This is how their store looks like, with all the strawberries packed and just choose whatever you like.

    They’re Strict when it comes to policy but off course they would allow you to take pictures for souvenir. I remember my friend found a very good shape of strawberry. A heart shaped strawberry!!!

    I really enjoyed eating strawberries since the taste of sweetness and sour combined in your mouth plus you have the option to pick any strawberry that would sooth your taste. I usually picked the biggest and most red ones because it turned out to be the sweetest. For 45 minutes inside the green house, I ate almost 20 to 30 strawberries. Thats how slow I am compare to my friend who ates more that 30 I would say.

    I ate nothing before going there but believe me that I’m so full when we leave the place. That’s how fulfilled I am and so I urge you to do and experience the same thing when you visit Japan.

    Try It! Its FUN!