Test Your Brain Power with Escape Hunt Tokyo’s Live Escape Game!

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  • Brain teaser games are really popular in Japan and around the world. Brain teasers usually involve having to solve riddles and puzzles in order to move on or get to the next level. Now a real life mystery room has opened in Tokyo!

    Escape Hunt Experience

    Escape hunt experience is an escape game set in real life. The company originated in Bangkok Thailand in 2013 and since has spread across the globe. The founder is a UK born man called Paul Bart. Paul’s background is that he is a psychologist who studied at Cambridge in the UK! He used his experience as a psychologist in developing the escape hunt experience. These are suitable for anyone, from families to corporate team-building days. The experience is also something you can do multiple times as the rooms and puzzles change every six months!

    Escape Hunt Tokyo

    Escape hunt experience has now opened a branch in Asakusa, the ancient area of Tokyo. Just a stone’s throw away from Senso-ji, escape hunt Tokyo is tailored to the Japanese audience. Here the challenges change every month so that regular customers can be challenged again and again. There are a few different levels on offer at a time. Currently, the challenges are Runaway Bride, which is an advanced level, Samurai Espionage, and Zen, which is a basic puzzle. In Runaway Bride, you must solve a 100-year-old mystery of a missing bridge and do so before the wedding starts! Samurai Espionage puts you in the shoes of a loyal Samurai protecting your Shogun from the threat of assassination. In Zen you are set a personal challenge, will you achieve enlightenment? To star the game, you are locked in a room. But don’t worry, the rooms are never fully secure so you can leave if you’re distressed. All you are given is a notepad and your brain… and 60 minutes to escape! If you get stuck the helpful staff can give you clues, so it is suitable for true beginners of all levels.


    Feedback from those that have played is really positive. There are even pro’s who go and give it a go, setting almost unbelievable times for solving the puzzles. Don’t worry if you don’t speak or read Japanese, around 50% of the patrons aren’t Japanese so the staff are happy to communicate the hints to you in English. And the prize? If you get out in time you can add your picture to the wall of winners!



    Phone: 03-6231-6621

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