Japanese Coca-Cola Flavors: A Quick Guide to the Best and Worst

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  • Depending on the season and location in Japan, Japanese Coca-Cola can offer up a treat for your tastebuds. Check out some of the flavours below, as well as their standard Japanese offerings.

    New Flavours

    Coca-Cola Lime

    The newest in the Coke lineup in Japan, this one has a tart kick. Unlike the lemon flavor, which I loathe, I love this one. I saw it for the first time yesterday and have already gone through 3 500ml bottles. Just as it is, simply delicious. Just a little sour lime aftertaste and it doesn’t taste artificial or offensive. I also mixed it with some white rum, for a cola infused Mojito-esque drink, and it was perfect. If you find it, buy it.

    Please note: Coco-Coloa Lime was available for winter 2015 and is not available as of 2017.

    Standard Flavours


    Ahh, the sweet stuff. The original. The yummiest. I love Coke. Too much. Depending on the country you visit, the formula can vary. Sweeter, more bubbly, etc. For me, Japanese Coke is perfect. Although you couldn’t call it healthy per se, it sure is delicious. Give it a try if you are in Japan, you may like it better than your usual version!

    Coca-Cola Zero

    Meh. If you are gonna eat cake, it might as well be good and not taste like it wasn’t made with sugar. Same goes for Coke, in my opinion. Coke Zero isn’t bad, it’s just not…right. It tastes funny to me, with that ‘diet’ aftertaste and leaves my mouth dry. Maybe it’s just me. If you need no sugar and no calories, this may be the drink for you, but to each their own.

    Coca-Cola Life

    This Coke was introduced in Japan in March, 2014, and is sweetened with stevia leaf extract rather than other sugars. Apparently it is better for your body. Hmm.

    For me, it isn’t as horrible as the zero option, and the green label, well, it is cool. Kind of like seeing Santa in a green suit as opposed to red. But again, for me, I’d rather stick with the good stuff and give my tooth a good brushing afterwards rather than suffer the taste of diet drinks.

    Please note: This is not for sale anymore as of 2017.

    Past and Seasonal Flavours

    Coca-Cola Lemon

    This flavour is similar to regular cola, with a little fresh or bottled lemon juice poured in. For some reason, I am just not a fan. I think the sourness of the lemon takes away from the coke taste, and the overall impression is very artificial. Although it is not my cup of tea, if you see it, give it a go. Maybe you will enjoy it.

    Coca-Cola Orange

    Now this one, I love. It comes out occasionally, and has a strong orange flavour accenting the regular cola. I love it just the way it is, chilled and fizzy, but my friends often mix it with Amaretto, white rum, or dark rum, just to add punch to the usual flavour.

    Please note: This is not for sale anymore as of 2017.

    Coca-Cola Vanilla

    This Coke is like the regular variety, with a sweet after taste. Personally, I think it is too sweet for regular drinking, but is perfect mixed with coconut rum, or used in an ice cream float. If you see it, give it a try. It was a hit a few years ago, and I see it occasionally, but I hope it comes back for good.

    Please note: This is not for sale anymore as of 2017.

    There you have it, a guide to the crazy world of Coca-Cola Japan. Who knows what they have planned for us next? Let me know if you see any other crazy flavours I may have missed!

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