3 Wonderful Aqua Tours in Osaka

  • Full of wonderful attractions and historical canals and rivers, Osaka is on the list of must-see places for many visitors to Japan, whatever season of the year it may be. And what better way to experience the sights of Osaka than to breathe in the fresh air on the water and take an aqua tour!

    There are a number of aqua tours available in Osaka, and each of them will show you the natural beauty and exquisite landscapes of the city. Here you will find 3 cruises that each show different aspects of the city. Choose the aqua tour that appeals to you, and take a journey that you won’t forget!

    Tombori River Cruise


    The Tombori River Cruise is a 20-minute cruise along the Dotonbori River, which is one of the liveliest places in Osaka. The cruise showcases some of the best attractions you can find in the Dotonbori district, where you can take photos of the various establishments including one of the most famous landmarks in Dotonbori, the running Glico man signboard. There is a Japanese-speaking guide who will provide details about the different places you will pass by.

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    Santa Maria Bay Cruise


    The Santa Maria is a replica of the ship used by Columbus when he first went to America. You can get a beautiful view of the whole Osaka Bay during the tour. The day cruise for Santa Maria lasts for 50 minutes while the night cruise lasts for 105 minutes. Although the cruise may be a bit pricey at 1,600 yen for the day cruise and 2,100 for the night cruise (children pay less), the ride is actually worth it for those who want to spend a bit more for a special experience.

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    Aqua Bus Aqua Liner

    The Aqua Liner is a 60-minute cruise that showcases some of Osaka’s most famous historical sites, including the Osaka Castle. It passes both the Tenmabashi and Yodobashi Bridge, and you will be able to view the Osaka Amenity Park, a modern high-rise shopping paradise. The Aqua Liner will let you experience a different atmosphere every season, and it’s a great way to spend a good time with family or friends.

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    Whichever Aqua Tour you decide to hop on, not only will you be able to relax and catch the sights, but you’ll also be able to appreciate from a short distance the wonders that Osaka has to offer.

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