4 Celebrity Worthy Japanese Hygiene Products

  • Aah, the life of commoners. Destined to use cheap scratchy tissues, uncomfortable cold masks and worst of all, toilet paper which is rough as sandpaper. If only we could live like the richest 1% and enjoy all things luxury. But wait… we actually can, thanks to the Nepia Celeb series of paper goods!

    1. Hana Celeb Tissues

    As the name Hana Celeb (Nose Celebrity) already suggests, these tissues will make you feel like you are wiping your nose, or picking it if that’s what you’re into, with fluffy Egyptian Cotton. Lotion infused, with the cutest package, these tissues will be a treat to your nose, impress your guests and ensure you never want to go back to using regular tissues.

    2. Hana Celeb Masks

    These are the absolute best face masks you can use when fighting a cold, or if just feel like covering up your visage. Soft and fluffy, these are the face masks that dreams are made of. I’m not too much of a fan of the elastic ear bands, though, they start to feel a bit tight after an hour or two.

    3. Oshiri Celeb Toilet Paper


    The name Oshiri Celeb (Bottom Celeb) tells us just what this stuff is meant for. Having to wipe is a fact of life. You might as well wipe yourself with something comfy, as opposed to using the sandpaper-like cheap toilet paper you will find in discount stores. This stuff is lush and soft, your tush will thank you for using it, and so will your guests. Just make sure those guests won’t pop a few rolls in their bags. It is like a nice wine, you have to hide the good stuff from potential poachers!

    4. Oshiri Celeb Wet Wipes


    You wouldn’t wash your car with scratchy, dry paper would you? Give the backside some love and use the moist towelette. These wet wipes are the cream of the crop. Soft. Glorious. Magical. You simply won’t go back to using regular paper anymore.

    If you find yourself in need of some tissue products while in Japan, definitely do check out the Celeb series. You may just bring a suitcase full back with you for extra comfort at home.

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