Learn Japanese the smarter way

  • HOW TO
  • For those who are interested in Japanese culture the decision to learn the language is an easy one.
    However, putting this into actual practice might sound rather difficult.
    So how should one get started? There are some ways to ease this task.

    Indulge in the culture

    Learning something could not be easier when there is personal interest. Get to know traditional art like tea ceremony or Japanese calligraphy, or find out about modern aspects like anime or manga. Once you are crazy about it, try to get familiar with vocabulary, example sentences you would use within these fields. If you have Japanese friends: try to talk with them about it. For those who dare: try to enter chats related to those topics. You do not need to talk in the beginning, you can learn a lot just from listening (or reading) and real time comments make this action much more exciting.

    Set yourself realistic goals

    No matter if you are learning Japanese in a regular course or just by yourself, deciding how far you would like to reach within what kind of period can help you move forward. Additionally you can motivate yourself by signing up for the Japanese language proficiency test (short JLPT). The lowest level starts with the JLPT 5. Once passed you would be able to understand “some basic Japanese.” More information on the JLPT are here.

    Download some apps

    Most of us have our smartphones always with us. Make use of this versatile device by downloading useful apps to review vocabulary, practice kana or even listen to podcasts on a regular basis.
    Try to make this a routine. Try to cover all fields: Grammar, listening, vocabulary, Kana, Kanji, writing. Reviewing is also crucial, do not neglect it or all effort will be wasted.

    Whatever way you choose: be patient with yourself and always keep in mind: practice makes perfect!