Taste Japan in Osaka: Visit Food Street Kuromon Ichiba!

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  • When in Osaka, one of the main purposes of people coming to visit is to indulge themselves in the historical culture of this bustling area. But we can’t deny that getting to experience the local food is also a major reason to visit this city: Osaka has plenty of very tasty dishes to offer.

    Whether it be local dishes or foods that are offered all throughout Japan, there will always be a store that will provide it for you at the Kuromon Ichiba, so make sure you have an empty stomach when you decide to grab a bite here!

    History of Kuromon Ichiba


    Kuromon Ichiba is known by the locals as “Osaka’s Kitchen”, and was once known as the Emmeiji Market having a temple with the same name nearby. Having a black gate at the north-east side of the temple, the place was then named after it: Kuromon Ichiba (Black Gate Marketplace).

    With over 170 shops that stretch for over 600 meters, the Kuromon Ichiba offers all kinds of selections from fresh seafood and meat to many different vegetables and other ingredients. The Kuromon Ichiba is also the place where many local restaurants and stores buy their ingredients and store products.

    Kuromon Ichiba for Food Junkies

    Lively vendors will welcome you to buy from their stores! There are stalls that grill your food on the spot, this is often seafood like many kinds of fish, octopus, and hotate (scallop). If you are in the mood to eat something raw, there are also stores offering fresh sushi and sashimi, either for dine in or take out. You will also be able to find Japan favorites like Kobe beef, kushi katsu (skewered and grilled meat) and famous octopus dish, takoyaki.

    There are also sweet shops if you want to have something sweet for dessert, and omiyage (food souvenir) shops if you want to buy something you can take home easily.

    Feeling hungry already? The Kuromon Ichiba is easily accessible from the Nipponbashi Station, and around a 15-minute walk from the Dotonbori area. It is a good place to enjoy the rich culture and flavors of Osaka. Just make sure you bring enough money to satisfy all your food cravings because you might just go overboard will all that great tasting food around.

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