3 Picture Perfect Spots Not To Miss in Asakusa!

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  • The Asakusa area in Japan welcomes thousands of visitors each year. There are many reasons to love Asakusa including its historical landmarks, accessible locations as well as the affordable accommodation. While it is still full of the hustle and bustle of people, Asakusa’s beauty is quite different from many modern places like Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya.

    Capturing memories with smartphones or cameras are also what makes the travel in Japan fun. Taking the time to venture around Asakusa, you will run into different establishments worthy to be stored into your devices. And here are 3 of the most picture perfect spots you must not miss in Asakusa!


    asakusa nakamise dori 1

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    Before entering Nakamise-doori, the Kaminarimon (the outer gate of Sensoji temple) will welcome you with its large lantern and statues. Many crowds first take a photo with the huge lantern. After going through the gate, in Nakamise-doori, many people take photos of the shopping street because of the variety of shops. Especially on a sunny day, this street has a vibrant atmosphere which makes for a great photo.

    Sensoji Temple


    Asakusa sensoji skytree

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    Just after Nakamise-doori is Sensoji Temple. A well visited site for tourists both from Japan and the World. Many people take photos of the Temple but make sure to take a good look around the vicinity of the temple itself. There is the Hozomon, a five-story pagoda and a view of Tokyo Skytree. The best tip for taking a photo in this area is to find a good angle to capture the two places in one shot.

    Tokyo Skytree

    asakusa skytree

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    asakusa skytree view

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    Everyone takes a photo of Tokyo Skytree, that’s a fact. And many visitors pay to go to the top of Japan’s tallest tower. The Tokyo Skytree showcases a number of views overlooking Asakusa, the Sumida River, and even Mount Fuji on a clear day. Also, notice on the way down when the sun is at its peak, the shadow of the Tokyo Skytree will be seen on buildings.

    Many tourists have a great time when visiting this historical part of Tokyo and I’m sure bloggers, photographers, and even just photogenic people would enjoy taking shots at these beautiful places.

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