3 Reasons Why Sailor Moon Crystal is Better than You Might Think

  • To be honest, I have never been a fan of Sailor Moon. I did not even watch Sailor Moon in the past as I was more into shonen series like Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho when I was a kid. The Sailor Moon series was revamped as Sailor Moon Crystal (or Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal in Japan) and the first season was aired from July 2014 to July 2015 on Niconico. It garnered disappointment from the fans of the older Sailor Moon series as many fans insist that the older version is much better. I think it is a strongly biased opinion from fans. I really do not think that Sailor Moon Crystal is all that bad. On the contrary, I actually find it more appealing than the older series from my first impression.

    1. Sailor Moon Crystal’s animation looks prettier

    Yes, I know that the older version is hand-drawn and I appreciate the older works of anime art such as Ranma 1/2 and Yu Yu Hakusho. By “prettier”, I do not mean that the artistic style of the older version is worse or uglier, but rather I prefer the overall graphic effects of a modern anime. Have you ever felt turned off from watching an old movie or playing a really old game because of the old graphics and technology even though they may have amazing storylines? I love Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 but when I tried to play them again a few years ago, I was turned off by the older graphics. Final Fantasy 7 looks like Lego world while Final Fantasy 8 characters seem to have twigs for hair. I find that the new Sailor Moon transformation is more attractive than the old one.

    2. The art style of Sailor Moon Crystal is closer to the manga

    The new Sailor Moon receives many complaints about how skinny and lanky the characters look. This art style is actually similar to the art style in the Sailormoon manga by Naoko Takeuchi. In my opinion, I prefer this art style as I think is is more unique and it stands out from other anime. Besides that, I do not find them scarily skinny, just modelesque thin. I do not really believe that it would affect the body image of young girls because well, nobody aspires to look like the Powerpuff Girls either.

    3. Sailor Moon Crystal’s storyline is closer to the original storyline

    Newsflash, the manga is the original Sailor Moon. I dislike it when anime series are crammed with tons of fillers or they are purposefully made to drag on so the series can be extended to many more episodes. Sailor Moon Crystal has zero or close to zero fillers. There are not many episodes, unlike the older Sailor Moon anime series which has around 200 episodes, many of which are filler. I am only willing to watch that many episodes if I am really into it or if it is an ongoing anime. Sailor Moon Crystal is straight to the point and short, which some people may prefer.

    So far, I have watched 8 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal and while it is not exactly my cup of tea, I can see how it would appeal to others. If you have the time, you can surely watch both the old and new versions!