Living with a Japanese Host Family: The Major Benefits

  • It has been a norm for Japanese language schools to offer accommodations for international students from all around the world. In fact, they provide a lot of selections to choose from!


    If the students have a limited budget, they can opt for a dorm or sharing a flat, however, if they have enough money to invest in this language learning process, they are also able to stay with a host family too. It is a difficult situation when it comes to studying abroad, but what exactly can we learn from living with a host family?

    Benefit 1: Improve your Japanese skills faster


    Moving to Japan is a wise step to improve all of the skills, including speaking, listening, writing, and reading. However, staying with a host family is another step of a fast learning method. Apart from attending the classes provided by the schools, we can come back ‘home’ and talk with the family members, unlike living by ourselves at the dormitory. By speaking with and listening to native speakers 24/7, it helps in developing the communication skills faster.

    Benefit 2: Learning culture and tradition


    Not just the language, but learning Japanese culture is also important. we will be able to learn how to assimilate ourselves to the family and get along with other members. We can learn a way of living, cooking style, or sometimes the host family may take us for a short vacation during the weekend.

    Studying in Japan is not that easy, but it will make us feel more confident both in learning, and living because it is the real situation when Japanese conversation is required since most of the people do not speak English. Apart from language and culture, making connections is another benefit! The more outgoing we are, the more we can get to know others. Therefore, the more connections we have, the easier it will be to form new relationships and come across new opportunities.

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