How to Use the Ordering Machines at Japanese Restaurants

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  • It is never easy to order food in a foreign country if you can´t speak the local language, but in Japan, ordering food in some places is not only easy, but also very entertaining!

    Some restaurant chains use a very technological ordering system. Right next to the entrance door, on the inside (and sometimes outside), there are usually a couple of automatic machines where you can place an order even before choosing a seat.

    The machines are all pretty much the same. You choose your menu, insert money, get a ticket, chose a seat and wait for your meal. It is super easy and very fast to use them. I have encountered two different kinds of ordering methods so far:

    One kind of machine has all the dishes displayed with a button to select them. The name of the dish is usually written in Japanese and English, with a sample picture.

    In this type of machine you usually insert your money first and then get change when you finish ordering. You can choose as many dishes as you want.


    Others have an interactive screen with many options, in which you can also select an English Menu.

    Here are the steps to use it properly:

    1. Menu/Home Screen: This is where all the items are displayed, and where you can find some subcategories, such as Set Dishes, Curry and Tempura, Udon, Soba and Ramen, Drinks, Extras, and so on.
    2. After you have figured out what you want to eat, you press the select button of your dish and all your desired items will go into a cart that holds your order. You can erase or change your order, and sometimes make it bigger (supersize it).
    3. The next step is easy. Just insert the amount of money due and receive a ticket. Don’t throw it away!
    4. Finally, you give that ticket to the waiter and your food will be eventually delivered to your table. Enjoy!!
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