Book and Bed Tokyo: A Bookworm’s Paradise in the City

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  • So, you are a book lover. People have always called you a bookworm. And you like to travel too. Why not we combine both elements into one? Why, you ask? Because a newly launched book-themed hotel in Tokyo is just the place for your next visit to Japan!

    Aren’t you getting excited? Let’s have a look at this place, Book and Bed Tokyo or its alternative name, 泊まれる本屋 (tomareru honya).

    Book and Bed Tokyo


    Newly launched on 5 November 2015, this unique book-themed hotel has surely captured lots of book lovers’ attention. Designed by Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida of Suppose Design Office, it is located on the 7th floor of a high-rise building in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

    A cozy place for book enthusiasts, Book and Bed Tokyo provides over 1700 English and Japanese books for guests to read. The amount is expected to double in the future.

    Look at the ceiling for more books!

    You can also have the unique experience of sleeping in a bookshelf-bed.

    It is small, but the price is affordable for this unique experience. There are 2 types of accommodation, standard and compact. Toilets and restroom service are provided. There are different prices available depending on the choice of accommodation.

    Tired of books? Perhaps some refreshment will help.

    Don’t feel like spending the night here but interested in having a tour? No problem, daytime visits are always another option for guests with a minimal fee charged. There is also free wi-fi service.Sounds enjoyable doesn’t it? It’s just like sleeping in a library! Except where beds are provided. To those who are interested, remember to drop by during your next Tokyo visit! You will not be disappointed!

    Book and Bed Tokyo

    Getting to Book and Bed from around Tokyo:
    From Shinjuku: 8 min (Yamanote line)
    From Shibuya:10 min (Yamanote line)
    From Roppongi: 7 min (Oedo line) + transfer to the (Yamanote line) at Yoyogi 10 min
    From Asakusa: 5 min (Ginza line) + transfer to the (Yamanote line) at Ueno 17 min
    From Tokyo: 16 min (Marunouchi line)
    From Shinagawa: 28 min (Yamanote line)

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