Popular Bag Trends Among Japanese Guys

  • Carrying a bag is very common among most Japanese men out there. There are many different types of bags men use such as backpacks, messenger bags, rucksacks, man-purses and so on.

    Why carry a bag?
    Shoulder bag

    Having a wallet that fits in the pocket is just as common. The reasons for carrying a bag depends on a purpose or taste. Most of the salary-men out there carry a messenger bag, shoulder bag or a small briefcase-styled portfolio bag for documents, electronics etc. Some carry lunch bags and some carry a large size chain purse or money purse. And there are always luggage bags or travel bags for long-distance travelers. Almost every Japanese man spends quite the amount of time commuting and many find carrying some sort of bag necessary. There are many different fashionable bags for men out there and there is nothing wrong with having one. Furthermore, some convenient stores offer bags exclusively made for shopping. To reduce consumers use of plastic bags, many stores offer a ‘cloth bag’ or a ‘bag for life’ for multi-purpose re-usage.

    Styles and Brands
    Men’s Tote
    Men’s Clutch

    Most of men look for a light-weighed bag with a simplistic style. There are a plenty of styles and brands that are present and they can be found in every men’s fashion corner. Some of the popular brands are The North Face, Converse, Karrimor, Helly Hansen and some common stores that offer wide variety of bags for men are Loft, Beams, United Arrows, Tokyu Hands, Laforet and others. There are some unique styles such as ‘Men’s clutch’, ‘Men’s Tote’ and so on to fit one’s fashion statement while providing comfort. The imported brands tend to be more pricey while some Japanese brands are quite affordable.

    So, have you ever thought what style or brand of a bag will make your style unique? Give it a thought and go get one of these trendy bags for men!

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