An Amusement Park, Holiday Entertainment and More at Laguna Gamagori!

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  • Aichi Prefecture is well known for its capital, Nagoya, brimming with historical sites, museums, pachinko parlors and shopping districts. But about an hour away from Nagoya lies the serene yet exciting Gamagori City.

    Gamagori City is situated on the coast of Mikawa Bay and it has a number of attractions to visit and most especially, Lagunasia is one you should not miss.




    Lagunasia is a popular water-themed amusement park right in the small coastal town of Gamagori. The theme park is comprised of a number of rides for the kids, swimming pools popular during the summer, other attractions and roller coaster rides Pirates Blast, Legend of Rapids, Aqua Wind and Stellar Coaster that are well known in Lagunasia.

    Checking around, you will notice that the amusement park despite having a water theme embraces a European feel and most of the rides are hidden by the European architecture. Take a ride of the ferris wheel as well to view the surrounding area. Aside from the theme park, Laguna Gamagori also has a hotel, a hot spring and spa, a festival market for shopping and the Laguna Marina where you can enjoy water sports and activities.

    Catch The Entertainment


    Aside from the attractions present in Laguna Gamagori, the line up of entertainment is also a must see. Especially for those planning to come during the winter season this year, you will get to witness a variety of these things like the 360 Degrees 3D Mapping “La Luz”, the Water Mapping Show “Agua”, the Fireworks Show “Le Reve de Noel” and a number of illumination shows as well. If you have the time, you can also join in for the New Year’s countdown!

    Fans of the One Piece franchise will also have a great time as they can ride Thousand Sunny and if the weather is good, you can get to go on a cruise around Mikawa. There is a fee for this, and tickets can be bought from the copy machines at Seven Eleven. And looking around for One Piece merchandise is also fun.


    So whether you’re in Aichi or some other part of Japan or planning to come, check out Gamagori for some adventure at this marine resort complex!

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