Japan’s Danso (Cross-dressing) Cafes Are More Than Meets The Eye

  • Maid cafes are very popular in Akihabara especially for the majority of the customers being men. The staff wears their maid outfits and act as cute as they can be for the incoming customers, calling them “Goshujinsama” or master in Japanese. There is no doubt these cafes are also visited by tourists coming to Japan to experience first hand what it’s like going to a Maid Cafe.


    But if there are maid cafes for men, well there is also a cafe targeted mostly for women which are the butler cafes. But in this article, we will tackle the Danso side of this cafe theme.

    What is Danso?

    For those of you who have no idea what danso is, Danso actually means women cross-dressing as men.

    Many women adore cute or cool looking anime characters, which in reality fits the physique of women: with characteristics such as being small, thin and white comparable to those characters. Danso is also popular in anime cosplay culture and is also used as themes in dramas.

    What is a Danso Cafe?


    With a similar concept as the maid cafes, there are Danso Cafes in Ikebukuro and Akihabara and being the most popular in the latter is Queen Dolce. Queen Dolce is actually a bar too that caters to both men and women, a small place with a number of events and is also foreign friendly too.


    A different kind of Danso experience is Re.sty, offering an escort service by the selected danso staff who will guide you around places in Tokyo or take you on a date for a fee. They have a selection of recommended guide courses for every season and Re.sty also have Cafe branches in Nagoya and in Osaka named Re.DeTail.

    People go to danso cafes not only to have a drink but also to be able to interact with the danso staff and enjoy their time there. I’m not sure if there are danso cafes in other countries but getting to go to one is an experience. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, check out how cute and cool these people danso!

    Queen Dolce*Japanese only

    *Re.Sty was permanently closed as of 2019 January.

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