10 Clever Ways to Wrap Your Everyday Items with Furoshiki

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  • Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth made of either silk or cotton or rayon etc. It is used to wrap several items such as clothes, food, wine bottles, personal items and so on.

    Although the use of furoshiki has declined, it still holds a respectable position in the Japanese culture. It is similar to ‘Bojagi’ in Korean culture. There are many wrapping styles or techniques for furoshikis. Let`s have a look at them.

    1. Otsukai Tsutsumi

    It is a folding technique for square shaped items and is a basic carrier style that is easy to do. Place the box at the center of the cloth and wrap it with a single knot. It’s a great way to carry Bento.

    2. Yotsu Mosubi

    It is a safer way of Otsukai Tsutsumi with two to four knots. It’s great for carrying cubical boxes.

    3. Suika Tsutsumi

    This method is used to carry round objects. It is famously known as ‘Watermelon Wrap’.

    4. Tesage Bukuro

    Tesage Bukuro is an alternative to shopping bags. It is a handbag style wrap which can be used for different objects when you go shopping.

    5. Katakake Fukuro

    It is a shoulder carry bag similar to Tesage Bukuro mainly used for groceries and so on.

    6. Hira Tsutsumi

    It is used to carry flat objects. It is basically a wrap without a knot.

    7. Bin Tsutsumi

    Bin Tsutsumi is used to wrap bottles. There are two styles of Bin Tsutsumi: One for carrying a single bottle and the other for two bottles without much of an effort.

    8. Hon Tsutsumi

    It is a style of wrap for carrying two books.

    9. Entou Tsutsumi

    It is used for wrapping long objects.

    10. Kakushi Tsutsumi

    It’s a hidden knot wrap where a knot is present but not visible outside. You can carry the wrapped objects like a clutch or wallet.

    There are many different ways to wrap a furoshiki. You can design your own wrap style too. Try this with your bandanna or a long piece of cloth at home and use it in your daily life to free yourselves from plastic bags and thus save the environment.


    We can save billions of dollars of government spending by cutting plastic out of our lives. It would be good for the economy too if we could revive this dying culture of Furoshiki.

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